Photogenic Opera house

Upon arrival in Sydney we instantly fell in love with the city. We were originally planning on visiting only for four days, and then head up the coast to Brisbane to settle there – but after a day we decided to abandon that idea, and look for work in Sydney instead. Sydney is a beautiful and lively city, and of course it helped that it was really sunny and between 25 – 30 degrees when we arrived.

We stayed in a hostel in Potts Point, right next to Kings Cross station, for two weeks when we first arrived. The hostel was nice, but living in a dorm with 8-12 people quickly becomes old, so we were relieved to find a sublet for 2 weeks. Then Mike found a room for us in the area with a 5 month contract, so all we need now is jobs!

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There are many things to love about Sydney, the fantastic views of the harbour, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, the botanical gardens and more. Here are a few of our favourites – but as we’ll be staying in Sydney for the foreseeable future, expect more!

Bondi Beach 

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Both Mike and I agree that one of the best things about Sydney is the proximity to the beach. We live two stops on the train and a short bus ride away from Bondi Beach – my favourite of the many beaches Sydney has to offer. Me being a fan of Bondi Rescue it was great to see the place in real life – it looks just like it does on TV!

On our first visit to Bondi we did the Bondi to Coogee clifftop walk, which was great. The walk has some truly spectacular scenery and it also gave us the opportunity to see many other beaches and explore the area. On a later visit Mike went surfing (his third time ever), which he found enjoyable but also exhausting. I enjoy just lying on the beach watching people, there’s so much going on!

Surfing is exhausting

Watsons Bay 

In the Easter long weekend we took the ferry out to Watsons Bay, as the guide book had said that this is one of the best ferry rides in the Harbour. It was a great boat ride, and Watsons Bay was nice. We did a little walk along the cliffs, and saw the lighthouse, before we chilled in the park.

Sydney view from Watsons

Botanical garden 

Sydney has many great parks, and one of the things we’ve done a lot since coming here is having picnics in as many of them as possible. There’s no better way to spend a warm afternoon than in the park with a good picnic! Of all the parks, the botanical garden is the nicest. It has a great view of the harbour, and from many spots the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. There’s also lots of interesting birds to watch, and plants to discover.

The park with the most interesting wildlife is Hyde Park, however – the home of huge fruit bats and tame possums that come out at night looking for food! It was a very fun and exotic experience meeting them unexpectedly in the park for the first time.

Possum and rat friends