Singapore is the most modern city I’ve ever been in. The central district looks like it’s all been dreamed up by an architect with unlimited funds, the underground is super cheap and seems brand new (especially compared to London) everything is very clean and everyone seems very well to do. It’s a novel experience, but it can also feel quite eerie and artificial at times. It was also really warm and humid at around 35 degrees, which was a nice change from Vietnam. It was quite an exotic experience, and we very much enjoyed it.

Mike in front of the CBD

Gardens by the bay

The super trees and the domes

One of the most famous sights in Singapore is the great ‘super trees’, metal structures covered in plants along the bay. They are part of a the Gardens by the Bay, an amazing park. At night there’s a light show with music at the trees which is quite fun to watch, and the gardens are also really nice in the day. The gardens are free to enter, and we paid to enter the ‘Cloud Forest Dome’ which is an amazing green house simulating a rainforest.

Super trees by night
Inside the Cloud

Botanical gardens

Mike loves to visit as many parks as possible when we’re in a new city, and the botanical garden is one of his all time favourites. Like you would expect the park is full of exotic plants and trees, and there’s also lots of birds, fish, turtles and big and small lizards. We went back to the park for a free piano concert on Sunday night, the atmosphere was great and it was still really warm and nice after the sun went down.

Piano concert in the gardens

Marina Bay Sands 

Nice views and infinity pool at the Sands

The hotel Marina Bay Sands is one of the most familiar buildings on the Singapore skyline. It is often described as a boat placed on top of three sky scrapers. The top deck contains an infinity pool and spa – unfortunately it’s only available for guests of the hotel, which we were not. But you can buy a 20$ voucher for the bar which gives you access to the top floor. The view is spectacular, and we thought it was worth spending a little extra on a drink and get to see it.

Lightshow at the Marina Bay Sands
Awkward selfie on the roof of the Sands
The old Supreme Court, now a museum with some great free exhibitions

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