Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay selfie

World famous Ha Long Bay is a must see for all visitors to North Vietnam. By the time we reached the north we had one week left of our visas, and the weather was cold and rainy. It didn’t look like it would improve much while we were there, so we decided to just go on a cruise anyway. We were lucky and it almost didn’t rain while we were there. We drove down to the coast on Tuesday and spent one night on the boat, and then drove back up on Wednesday.

Our cruise ship

We decided to go for one of the nicer cruises – having heard stories of rats on the boats and bad food, I’m very glad we did. We had a very nice cabin with a double bed and a bathroom to ourselves. The days were full of activities from kayaking and swimming to squid fishing and visiting caves. At every meal there were several different courses. There were 11 other people on the boat from different European countries, and we had a really good time hanging out with them, playing jenga and cards and drinking in the evening.

Kayaking in monkey bay – we saw only one monkey, that was being pelted with bread by Chinese tourists

All in all, although the weather wasn’t perfect, we had a really good time in Ha Long Bay, cruising among the limestone cliffs, and it definitely is an experience we will remember forever.


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