The citadel defense fort in Hue – with Mike posing for scale

Historically Huế was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors, and the city’s biggest attraction is the citadel and the old Imperial City which lies inside its walls. We spent a couple of days here exploring the Imperial City and some of the Tombs in the nearby areas by motorbike.

Meridian gate

The Imperial City

As one of the main tourist attractions in the city I was expecting the Imperial City to be very crowded – but it really wasn’t. The Royal buildings and ruins are spread out over quite a large area, surrounded by really beautiful gardens. The atmosphere is really nice and peaceful, and it was a lovely change from usually very crowded tourist attractions and from the hectic streets of the city outside the citadel walls.

Feeding the fish
Peaceful atmosphere
Imperial pagoda


We rented a scooter in town to explore some of the tombs a few miles from the city centre. We visited two tombs built for some of the last emperors in Vietnam and they were quite impressive.

Guarding the tomb
Tomb raider

Abandoned water park

On our way to the first tomb we took a wrong turn and ended up at an abandoned water park. We’d actually heard about the park before we got there, its a bit of a minor tourist attraction among backpackers apparently. Despite the other tourists the overall effects of the big abandoned buildings around a lake and the overgrown park surrounding it was quite creepy!

Abandoned dragon
Creepy park

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