Nah Trang

Visiting a temple

We weren’t originally planning on going to Nah Trang, as the high rise beach town doesn’t have the most amazing reputation, but it’s a 14 hour bus ride up the coast to Hoi An so we though we could shorten it down a little by stopping for a night.


On our first day we rented bicycles to check out the town, the first to time we’ve really gotten involved in Vietnamese traffic. It wasn’t too bad in the beginning, but it was pretty crazy when we headed back into town in the middle of rush hour. The roundabouts were especially mental to navigate!

One of the stops on our bicycle tour

We stayed in a really nice hostel with free beer from 5 to 6, and Mike met the cousin of one of his friends from home and ended up going out with him and his girlfriend. He came back to our dorm at 6 in the morning, without his shoes, wet and covered in sand. That was the last we saw of his flip-flops.

Mud bath

The next morning, as Mike became gradually less drunk and more hungover, we decided go and try out the local mud baths. It was a short taxi ride out of town to a really nice little spa/waterpark. There was 7 or 8 different mineral pools, a couple of waterfalls, and lots of mud baths.

You get into a big circular stone bath, and when you turn on the tap mud comes out. The mud was warmer and more watery than I expected, but it was really nice! I’m not sure it really helped Mike’s hangover though.


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