Mui Ne

Kite surfers as far as the eye can see

Mui Ne is a beach town famous for two things: perfect conditions for kite surfing, and red and white sand dunes. The resort town (popular with Russians apparently – almost all signs were written in Russian) stretches along the beach, with a fishing village at one end. Once you’re down on the beach the sight of hundreds of kite surfers along the shore is truly amazing. Some of them go incredibly fast, and jump many meters up into the air.

Mike booked us into a dorm in a hostel that had access to the 3 pools of the neighbouring hotel. We spent a fair amount of time by the pool on the second day – more pleasant than the beach as the surf is pretty crazy and the strong winds whip sand into your face.

Tough life of a traveller

Sand dunes

There’s two areas with different sand dunes in Mui Ne, the white sand dunes are a bit further out of town than the red ones. With strong winds whipping up sand and the sun baking down, walking on the dunes really feels a bit like being in a desert.

Red dunes
White sand
Fishing village
Fairy stream

Fairy stream 

The ‘Fairy Stream’ is another local tourist attraction. The stream is a very shallow and warm river that winds between great red sand dunes. It’s a nice little walk up the stream in the warm and shallow water between the dunes and past some local wildlife and a few restaurants.


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