Phnom Penh

Taking the bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was an interesting experience. We almost crashed into cows who would suddenly run into the road several times, and the traffic felt a lot more unsafe than in Thailand.

The traffic was also the first thing that struck me about Phnom Penh, it was almost at a standstill everywhere, and there was an incredible amount of people on scooters. It was much more chaotic than in Bangkok, where you can walk on the pavement and cross the road in relative safety on the zebra crossings. In Phnom Penh there either was no pavement, or it was blocked by cars, so you have to walk in the road. If you want to cross the road you simply walk slowly out into the middle of the traffic, and hope that everyone slows down enough to drive around you. If Mike wasn’t there I wouldn’t have been able to cross the road once! Overall it was quite difficult to simply walk around and explore the city, which was a shame. We went down to the river after dark, and some of the parks and monuments were quite nice.

The killing fields & S21

On our first full day we rented a tuktuk with another girl from our hostel, and drove to The killing fields and the genocide museum at S21 to learn more about the genocide and what Cambodia went through during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. It was as expected horrifying and deeply shocking and upsetting, and put all of us in a pretty dark mood.

We decided that rather than staying in the city for an additional day, we’d get on a minibus and go down to the coast the next day. We also checked into a nice hotel to celebrate our two year anniversary since the day we met in Bacchus in Kingston!

Memorial pagoda at the killing fields

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