Chiang Mai

We took the night train from the south back to Bangkok, which was surprisingly comfortable. The beds had soft mattresses and pillows and thick blankets, better than some of the hostels we’ve stayed in! We booked a night train for the next night,  but they didn’t have any more beds. We got to reclining seats in second class. It turned out to be a very uncomfortable night, we quickly learned that the nights in north Thailand are a lot colder than down south.

Chiang Mai is lovely, if very touristy. Lots of coffee shops and cafes. You also can’t turn a corner without seeing a temple or pagoda. The city has a pleasant atmosphere, much more relaxed than Bangkok if you ask me, although it’s still a bigg-ish city.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

This is one of the most famous temples in Chiang Mai, and it has a view over the city. We drove for a bit out of town, and up the hill. The road is very steep, and it was only barely that our scooter could manage. When we got there it was another steep walk to the top. The view was amazing and so was the temple, although full of other tourists. But we were happy that we picked it as one of the temples to spend some time in.

The grand canyon

Mike’s friend had tipped us off about this place before we went, it’s an old quarry 30 min outside town which has been turned into a waterpark. One of the main attractions was a really high jump that Mike was dying try. We got there an hour before closing, and Mike jumped twice from 7.5 metres. The place was really cool and we could have easily spent half a day there.

The Canyon with the jumping off point

Night bazaar

We love a good night marked, lots of cheap food and opportunities to try new things that we haven’t tried before. Chiang Mai has one of the biggest and most diverse markets we have been too, you could walk around there forever and quite easily get lost. Needless to say we ate a lot.


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