Ko Lanta

The island Ko Lanta is about an hour away from Railay by boat. The boat was filled with Swedish and Danish people, and we soon realised the same was true for the island. We got a cheap-ish hotel close to the beach and rented scooters. Ko Lanta is quite small and spread out, with hotels mainly on the west side of the island, by the beach. You could easily visit all the sights on the island in two days, and we were planning on visiting the islands in the east after that, but as the weather was still pretty rainy we stayed on at Lanta a bit longer. Despite the scandis the island is pretty quiet, and we found several beautiful beaches with very few other people on them.

Our highlights were:

Old town

The old town is on the south end of the island, and its a lot more chilled than the other town in the north. It’s pretty much just one street by the ocean with lots of old buildings, small shops and restaurants. We had dinner here one evening at a restaurant on a platform that was stood on poles halfway into the ocean.

The lighthouse 

The lighthouse in the national park is said to be one of the main places to visit on the island. The bay across from the lighthouse is very pretty, but when we were there the wind was very strong and we were quickly covered in sand after a few minutes on the beach. However the best part of the park is the monkeys roaming around looking for food. Ben was carrying a bag of snacks, and was quickly outnumbered by a pack of monkeys who got away with all the food. There are rangers in the park specifically to keep the monkeys away, but they couldn’t save him. Unfortunately Mike and I missed the whole thing.

The lighthouse
Monkey business
Very sandy beach in the background

The four island tour and Ko Mook emerald cave


One of the highlights of our time at Ko Lanta was a one day tour in a longboat visiting four different islands and snorkelling spots. On the two first stops we jumped in the water from the boat, and snorkelled around it. There was loads of fish, and the water was very clear. The third stop was the best. We had to put life vests on, and swam together into a cave. At one point it was completely dark, all we could see was the guide’s headlight in the distance. Then the tunnel opened up onto a perfect sandy, secluded beach. The water was very warm, and the sand was beautiful. It was made even better because it was a complete surprise, none of us knew where we were going!

Emerald cave

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