Krabi town & Railay beach

Mike rock climbing over Railay Beach. Conquering his fear of heights at 30 metres.

We were originally going to take the night train down to the south of Thailand, but due to severe flooding in the south the roads and rails were closed. We ended up getting a flight for £25 to Krabi. The day before we were due to fly, I checked our tickets and realised we’d booked them for the wrong month! Luckily we got half the money back and were able to get another set of cheap tickets.

When we got the the airport at Krabi town, we were told that there were no busses into town because the road was flooded. We were stranded at the airport, questioning our decision to go down south. But luckily after a couple of hours the busses started running again.

Krabi highlights:

Tiger cave temple (no tigers but amazing views)

We rented scooters at the hotel and drove 30 min out of town to visit the temple. It’s called the tiger temple because it’s located in a cave where a tiger used to live. The temple was nice and there were lots of monkeys running around, but the main attraction was 1260 steps up to the top of the mountains. It took us quite a while to get up and we were all soaked in sweat, but it was totally worth it. The views are amazing, you can see all of Krabi town and all the way to the coast.

Night market

At night there’s a great night market in Krabi. The place to eat is by the port, where lots of little food stalls set up shop, covering the pier in plastic chairs and tables. The food was great and super cheap.

Railay beach

The beach

Railay beach is only accessible from Krabi via boat. We missed the last boat for the day, but managed to hire a private one which took us to the beach as the sun was setting. We got there and realised that all the cheap beach huts we planned on staying in were at Tonsai beach right next to Railay. As the tide was in we couldn’t walk there, and had to get yet another boat to ferry us over. When we finally got there Mike and Ben and Stef found us some cheap huts. There was only electricity in the evening and only cold running water, but the huts were quite cool. In the morning we woke up to lots of monkeys in the trees around us. In the evening down in hippie-ville there was always a fire show going on. We stayed there for 3 nights, and the others went rock climbing. It was fun until I got food poisoning, then I kind of wished that we had an indoor bathroom with a light.

Our hut

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